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Improve Your Technique to Increase Weight on the Bar

The above video is of Riley deadlifting 80kg for 12 reps.

Riley has done well to progress his deadlift over this past 4 week cycle. In workout one he struggled with 55kg for 12 reps, and here, in the above video, got 80kg for 12 reps. That is a very big increase over the 4 workouts and not something we were pushing for.

He is only 15 years old with less than a years training experience so the main focus is on building technique. In saying that if the young blokes can maintain their technique then I am all for them adding weight to the bar. The reason why Riley could achieve such a big jump in training load is precisely because of his improved technique. He just started to learn how to create more tension and stay tight, and improved the bar path a bit more than in previous cycles.

This is something I think many people underestimate in their training. The only way they think they can progress is by adding more weight to the bar. For many, that is the ultimate goal in the end, but there are times when you have to go backwards in weight and fix up technical problems. By doing this you will far exceed the amount of weight you would have lifted just grinding away each day.

Riley also spent this day on scaffolding. Anyone who has ever lugged that gear around knows how physically demanding it is, especially on the lower back. This is another reason why I was impressed with his technique and load he used.

Be patient, be consistent, and work hard.

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