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SJJA Crew Smashing it at IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championship

Just wanted to congratulate Bruno Alves, his coaches Aaron Daniel Smith and Igor Almeida, and everyone else involved on the success the club has had down in Melbourne at The IBJJF Pan Pacific Jiu-Jitsu Championship over the weekend.

The kids finished on top and our now the best team in the Oceania.

The guys we have worked with helping them with nutrition and strength training have done really well also and we are so happy for them.

  • Simon Chandra won gold, submitting his opponent with an armbar.

  • Tom Strembickyj won gold in his weight class and open weights in the adult blue belt division.

  • Sol Blanch won gold in the adult purple belt rooster weight division and his brother Gil won silver in the same class.

  • Lucas Kanard won gold in the adult purple belt medium-heavy division.

  • Tamara Garces won gold in the adult female purple belt middle weight division

  • Riaz Hussain won bronze in the master 5 blue belt medium-heavy division.

Congratulations on the results. It is a great reward for all the hard work.

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