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ESA v Minto Old Boys League Tag Game

Had a great day yesterday playing in an old boys league tag game. Got to catch with some of my mates who I have been friends with for 30 years and catch up with other guys I haven't seen for 10 plus years.

Sport gives way more than it takes.

The bonds you make with people are far deeper than you make in any other area of your life. All the pain and sacrifices you make throughout your career are well worth it when you have a day like yesterday and feel the connection you have with former teammates, opposing players (who also turn into your mates), and the families of all those people.

Our parents were also so happy to get together and watch us run around and it made me happy to see them all again. It doesn't feel like any of them have aged all that much and they still remember all of us even though we are all older, fatter, and for some of us, lost our hair. It is one of those few times when you actually feel fulfilled with your life. I don't think anything can match being around those that you have life long bonds with and love.

Quality of play was poor to average but everyone still has a bit of skill to them and could do pretty good with some training. I tore a hamstring and blew out both my boots so it was a rough day, but worth it.

P.s anyone who wants to throw me a knew pair of boots, it would be greatly appreciated.

I look forward to playing in this game again next year but more importantly catching up with everyone again.

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