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Make A Decision and Get After It

There are too many options these days. Make a decision on what you are going to commit to and then don't let anything stand in the way of you doing everything possible to achieve your goals.

People are finding too many second, third, fourth, and even fifth options as back up plans to their main goal. You will not be successful this way. You have to put everything you have into ONE goal. If in the back of your mind you think you can bail and move on to something else then you will never be willing to go through the pain when times are tough and push yourself harder than you thought possible.

As an example, trials for Harold Matthews and S.G Ball squads are coming up for rugby league and I see that the kids know all the different trial dates for each club. Whilst I understand they want to play at a representative level, I think it is setting them up for failure. I think you have to back yourself to making the squad at your first choice of club. If you don't make it, then it teaches you many things. You learn that failure is a normal part of life and that it isn't the end of the world, it should drive you to work harder on your game to become a better player which in the long run will help you make your bigger goal of one day reaching the NRL, and it will teach you perseverance which will serve you well in all areas of your life. Having so many "back up" options at the beginning just allows you to accept mediocrity. If you aren't good enough, you're not good enough. Yet. It doesn't mean you can't be.

If you do rip in to your first choice and don't make it and another trial date happens to be available at another club then go trial with them. But at least you will have learnt some things in the process. One should be that maybe you aren't as good as you thought. The main thing people will blame is game time, a bias from selectors etc. Take some ownership. If you were that good then you would be picked. You would be a stand out. If you didn't absolutely dominate the trial then you are every chance of missing out.

Things will not always go your way. That is life. But if you truly want something bad enough you will find a way. It took me a lifetime to achieve my goal and it lasted 15 minutes. That is nothing in the big scheme of things when you consider the hours and hours of training, all the broken bones, torn muscles, all the surgeries, but it was more than worth it. It built character. It changed who I was and who I feel I can become. It gave me belief. And I now carry all the lessons with me.

"You have to make a decision. And once you make that decision, you simultaneously eliminate 99.99% of other options. This is the smartest thing you can do. As Michael Jordan said, “Once I made a decision, I never thought about it again.” Similarly, Ralph Waldo Emerson has said, “Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.”

You must pass your point of no return.

You must embrace the opportunity cost of making powerfully committed decisions. As Napoleon Hill said, “Definiteness of Purpose is that starting point of all achievement.” Until you become definite about what you’re doing, you will continually be tossed to and fro. Life will become increasingly complex. Skepticism and doubt will become your emotional reality. And in that reality, your only goal will be to tear things down, rather than build something new...

Have you made a real decision lately, and stuck to that decision?

Are you like most people, who have a fragile relationship with commitment?

Most people lie to themselves every day. They haven’t stuck to a real commitment and haven’t made a firm decision in a long time. They then seek information and opinions that justify their lack of progress.

Make a decision.

Own that decision.

Become better." - Benjamin P. Hardy

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