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The above video is of Lochlann Davies deadlifting 75kg for 4 reps at 56kg body weight.

If you want to progress in rugby league, or anything in life for that matter, you have to take responsibility for your development. That is exactly what Locky has done and many other guys who have come to see me.

They all have goals of making Harold Matthews, S.G Ball, or Jersey Flegg (under 20s) squads so they are finding ways to give themselves the best chance of making these teams and progressing through the ranks. Just turning up to a trial and making the squad isn't enough. If you make the squad you will them be thrown into the gym with 30 or so other players and won't be shown any technique or at best minimal amounts. The program design is usually poor due to lack of individualisation, lack of equipment, and lack of knowledge from a young strength coach who has volunteered for the role, and it is impossible for the strength coach to monitor such a large group of players.

So to counter this, having a solid technical background on most lifts before you even make a squad can serve you very well as you will greatly reduce your risk of injury. On top of this your strength levels will be above most of the other players entering the program, especially if you are of Harold Matthews age where most kids have never stepped foot into the gym.

The younger you start, the better it is. You can build some great technique and begin laying down the foundation for strength gains later on. If you only begin training in the gym at 16 then it is going to take a long time to reach high levels of strength. This is especially true when you consider that the training done at that time is far from optimal in the first place. In rugby league you also want to be able to compete physically with men by the time you are 18 or 19. If you aren't on your way by then, you may fall out of the system and struggle to achieve your long term goals.

This is why I feel it is important for you to source out the best trainers, nutritionists, and coaches to help you reach your potential. It isn't enough just turning up to the other scheduled sessions. You need to be far more specific and do things that can't be done with minimal time and minimal resources.

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