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Grip Strength and Shoulder Stability

When training Marcus I have noticed that his grip strength when deadlifting was quite good but on chins and hanging garhammer raises his grip was really weak. I wasn't sure why this was the case but thought it had something to do with weak external rotators of the shoulder or something along those lines as his overhead pressing strength needs to improve as well.

Speaking with Gem she told me it would be due to shoulder instability so I should continue to work on it in the gym and have Marcus do his exercises at home to help correct the issue. I am very fortunate to have someone like Gem who not only has a degree in exercise physiology and sports science but actually trains and lives the lifestyle and can adapt theory to real life application with athletes and the general population alike.

Listening to a podcast this morning, Dr Jordan Shallow confirmed my thoughts and what Gem had told me. He was explaining why your grip goes when your arms are overhead compared to when they are by your side. It was quite technical but in the end it turns out it is due to shoulder instability.

This was good to hear as I am purely observing things in the gym and trying to figure out why it could be happening and how to correct the issue. I do not have a degree in biomechanics or anatomy or anything like that so to hear from people who are much more educated in that area explain and confirm your thoughts really helps.

There are many more observations like this and by paying attention to little things you see you can enhance the results of your clients. Things you may not even think would impact your strength do, so it can a long time to figure out certain issues but over time you can piece it all together.

If your trainer isn't picking up on things like this then you should move on. I see so many trainers not even paying attention to their clients. They are performing an exercise and the trainer is on their phone, watching t.v, or talking shit to someone else in the gym. You get what you pay for. If you want better for yourself then fire that type of trainer and find someone who will get you the results you deserve.

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