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Focus and Avoid the Distractions

Read a good article this morning from Nicolas Cole. I have shared a passage I liked from it but check out the full article. It is only a short read.
As a millennial, there is 1 and only 1 thing you need to master in order to become successful:


Put your phone down for a second and look around. If you’re at work, if you’re out to eat, if you’re shopping, just watch what’s going on around you. Look at what a distracted society we have become. And we aren’t even being distracted by things worth being distracted by. We’re being misdirected by cat videos and silly Instagram memes and things that give us a tiny hit of pleasure but no real fulfillment.

The single most valuable skill set you could possibly have today is discipline. It’s not intelligence, because anything you want to know you can just look up on the Internet.

And it’s not something like having a powerful network, because what good is a network if you can’t deliver?

Becoming successful, now more than ever, is about having the ability to shut off the noise and get to work.

Think about what an advantage you have over everyone else if you can avoid losing hours every single day to the distractions of 2017.

Think about how many more moments you can stay in deep focus if you can get the habit of refreshing your email over and over again under control. Think about how much you could get done by no longer checking Instagram obsessively. Think about how many times in a day you postpone your goals just to consume another sugary piece of content, or watch the next episode on Netflix.

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