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Back Squat Follow Up

About two weeks ago I posted a video of Lochlann's first ever squat session. The above video is his 4th session and 17 days later. Here he got 45kg x 8 reps and 50kg body weight. In the first session he got 27.5kg. He is learning the movement quite well which is why there is such an increase in weight lifted in such a short time period. Beginner gains are great. We still have a lot to work on so it is going to be really good to see how he comes along over the coming months.

After just 8 weeks of training Lochlann said he already feels his speed has increased on the field. This is the end goal for us, improving performance on the field. It really doesn't matter how much you squat, deadlift, or bench if you are getting injured or if the work you are doing isn't carrying over to your sport performance.

With a consistent year of lifting under his belt I think Lochlann will be setting himself up for a successful club season and will be giving himself the best opportunity to make the Harold Matthews team when that time comes.

Consistent hard work.

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