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Ron Massey Cup Team Of The Year 2017

Ron Massey Cup Team Of The Year 2017 Total Health Performance Rugby League Brendan Waters Jerry Key Camden Narellan Campbelltown Ingleburn

Photo Credit: NSWRL

I would like to congratulate Brendan Waters on being named in the Ron Massey Cup 2017 Team Of The Year. This is another great reward for all his hard work the season. Although we didn't have a great season as a team this year in terms of results, a lot of players still progressed their games. As I have mentioned in recent posts I think Bren played one of his best seasons this year and improved in areas that he hadn't had to focus on as much in the past. He is a much more complete player now and has really developed into a great leader. This was seen week in and week out from his efforts in games and his attitude at training and also when he captained the Ron Massey Cup rep team to victory over Queensland.

Having Brendan in our team helps a lot of the young players progress and he helps me as a coach. He will tip players up on what line to run or how to run a play better for example, which takes a lot of heat of me and allows me to focus on other players at that time as I know the advice he is giving them will be constructive and in line with what we are trying to achieve as a team. He is a team man and always puts the team first so awards like this would be a little embarrassing to him at times but I think it is good to be acknowledged for his hard work.

Being Bren's brother we speak a lot and I know he is very motivated to take his game to another level next season. We have spoken about training and have already come up with a plan to help get over some niggling injuries from this season and improve his physical capabilities so he can compete and perform at his best again in 2018. I am very proud of him and how hard he is still willing to work. At 31 years of age, having played at a higher level for many years, and winning many competitions in the past, it could be easy for him to start cruising and make some money but that isn't him and never will be. It is good to see him back up last years Ron Massey Cup Player Of The Year Award with another solid season.

I also have to give a special mention to one of my players Jerry Key who was also named in the Ron Massey Cup Team Of The Year. We were fortunate to pick Jerry up just before the mid-point of the season after he left Blacktown. He is a very hard worker who locked us up well in the middle and is a great leader. He was also selected in the Ron Massey Cup Rep Team and was vice captain of the side. It was a pleasure being able to coach him this year and also great to get to know him better as well. He is a great bloke who is very humble and respectful. Jerry only played a few games with us as he got a call up into the Wests Tigers ISP team for the back end of the year. Whilst this wasn't the best thing that happened to us at the Magpies I was happy that Jerry achieved his goal as it was one of the main reasons he came across to us. As a coach seeing players progress is very rewarding.

The 2017 Ron Massey Cup Team of the Year:
  1. Mason Cerruto (St Marys Saints)

  2. Maika Sivo (St Marys Saints)

  3. Geoff Daniela (St Marys Saints)

  4. Addison Demetriou (Auburn Warriors)

  5. Danny Barakat (Wentworthville Magpies)

  6. Feleti Mateo (Hills District Bulls)

  7. Brendan Waters (Western Suburbs Magpies)

  8. Tim Robinson (Hills District Bulls)

  9. Heath L’Estrange (Hills District Bulls)

  10. Cowen Epere (St Marys Saints)

  11. Mitch Achurch (Guildford Owls)

  12. Matt Ryan (Guildford Owls)

  13. Jerry Key (Western Suburbs Magpies)

  14. Manaia Rudolph (Auburn Warriors)

  15. Kurt Aldridge (Concord-Burwood-Glebe Wolves)

  16. Jordan Hall (Blacktown Workers Sea Eagles)

17.Patrice Siolo (Concord-Burwood Glebe Wolves) Coach: Paul Fletcher (Guildford Owls)

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