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Sydney Jiu Jitsu Academy Overall Winners at State Championships

SJJA Overall State Champions Jiu Jitsu Total Health Performance Crows Nest Camden, Narellan, Campbelltown,

I would like to congratulate professor Bruno Alves, his coaches Aaron Smith and Igor Almeida, and his entire SJJA team on winning gold in the kids, adults, and masters at the state championships over the weekend.

This is a huge effort considering Bruno only started about 6 months ago and has only 3 clubs who competed. The other clubs have 15-20 and have been around for a number of years. To already be on top is a great accomplishment and I think it is a great reward for all the work everyone puts in. It also shows the quality of the training and the great culture of hard work that the club has. They don't need big numbers to win because so many of the SJJA team win gold or at least finish on the podium.

You know it is a club that is going places because no one gets caught up in the hype. The next morning after a long day at the comp it was training as usual, with Bruno leading by example. In the movie Remember the Titans, there is a great quote which say "attitude reflects leadership". The SJJA crew have great leadership and I believe it is why they are so successful.

I am very happy for the boys and all their team. Look forward to seeing the progress.

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