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THP Development Update

We are just finishing up another cycle and have had some more good results. The above video is of Bryce Shaw deadlifting 140kg for 5 reps from a small podium. All boys increased strength throughout this phase of training which is very pleasing as they have either started playing competition games for their rugby league season or have been finishing up with trial games.

These increases in strength are coming from improved technique and exercise selection focusing on weak points of each of the boys lifts. We aren't maxing out chasing numbers, just consistently trying to improve technique. Below is the progress seen in the deadlift in 4 weeks of training:

Athlete Name Lift Weight/Reps Previous Cycle Weight/Reps Current Cycle Bryce Shaw Deadlift 135 kg x 3 140 kg x 5 *on podium Marcus Moore Deadlift 120 kg x 3 125 kg x 5 *on podium Ben Quinlan Deadlift 130 kg x 3 130 kg x 5 *on podium

The strength gained in the gym is carrying over to the playing field which is the whole point of training for an athlete, to get better at your chosen sport.

Hard work is the only way to progress and the boys are in early of a morning getting it done. We just have to stay focused and continue to work on perfecting technique and correcting weaknesses.

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