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What I’m talking about here are the girls that jump from gym to gym or from trainer to trainer or program to program and don’t give it long enough to see the results.

The most frustrating part of being a coach or trainer is when you get yo-yo clients that bounce from one idea to the next. They come in saying “my friend is a bodybuilder and they said I need to take BCAA’s”, “I looked on Google and it says I need to do cardio everyday”, “a fitness model I follow on Instagram has a donut everyday and still loses weight”.

I don’t care what your friend says, I don’t care about what Google recommends and I definitely don’t care about some fitness model smashing donuts every day. You came to me with a goal and I gave you my way of getting there. If you think you can do better by listen to your mate or following the fit chicks on social media, then why are you here?

There are so many programs and trainers out there that have different ways of getting you to your goal. Some use cardio and some use weights, some like the calorie model and some like the ‘clean’ options. It’s not to say that one way is better than the other, but rarely do people commit to one way for long enough to truly see if it works for them or not.

Results aren’t overnight and they’re going to take more than a few weeks to see and maybe even more than a few months. You need to set yourself a time frame and goal to match that and make it clear to yourself and your trainer or coach or whoever you’re using. If you don’t reach your goals and you’ve done everything you needed to by the end of your time frame then you can move on and try something else.

Most clients that I see leave or jump around because things get hard, because the trainer called them out on their bullshit, because they didn’t lose 10kg overnight, because they don’t like what they heard, etc.

The ones that stick it out are the ones who see the greatest results and are the type of people that don’t give up, they don’t make excuses, they just get in and get it done. They take responsibility for their actions and would never point the finger because they made a mistake. They are realistic, the commit and they give it their all. If there is a roadblock or something halts the progress then they or their coach assesses the situation and makes necessary changes.

Have a goal, set a time frame and follow the plan.

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