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Must Have's for Performance

Michael Jordan and Muhammed Ali

There are thousands of things you can do to increase your performance in life or in the sporting arena. The problem is many of us get confused on what to do or choose an advanced method before we even have the basics dialled in. Here are some things I think you need to have to reach world class performance:

  • You have to constantly and consistently work towards progress. It doesn’t matter if it is in the gym or at work, you have to try and be better than you were the day before. This could mean increasing the weight on the bar, doing an extra rep or an extra set, or increasing the amount of work you do in a given time frame. It sounds simple but this is what it is all about. Too often you see people lift the same weight, for the same amount of reps, day in and day out. They are just spinning their wheels. Don’t just go through the motions.

  • Get your nutrition in check. If you eat crappy foods you will not perform optimally. If you have brain fog at work and can’t think properly you won’t be able to be at your best and won’t reach your potential. In the end this could cost you a promotion or you may miss opportunities to make good money. If your goal is putting on muscle mass then you have to eat like it is a training session. You can’t grow by dreaming about it, you have to actual do something. Don’t complain if you aren’t growing and you are only eating 2 meals a day.

  • When things get tough you have to be able, and willing to push through uncomfortable situations. To increase performance in any field you have to be mentally strong. Anyone who is the best in the world in their field has this quality. Nothing stops them from achieving their goal. They train around injuries and they are willing to do what others won’t do, they push themselves past the point of comfortable.

  • You have to be passionate about what you do. Reaching the top requires hard work for years. Without passion it is unlikely you will stick in there long enough to see the ultimate result of your efforts.

  • You can’t have any excuses. If you want something bad enough you will find a way. Your job getting in the way, lack of money, or poor genetics for example are no reason why you can’t succeed. If you truly want something you’ll find a way to get it done. If not, did you really want it or was it just a nice thought?

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