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Best Tips for Goal Setting

The start of every new year is the time when everyone decides to take on a new challenge, get up and start doing something they have been dreaming of, to stop smoking, and to just try and be better at some part of their life. Many people start out very keen but the enthusiasm soon dies off and they are back to their old ways. A way to help prevent this is to set yourself some goals. This doesn't just mean writing down things you dream of or hope for. You have to be specific, the goal has to be measurable, and there has to be a date and time for when you will achieve your goal.

I never used to like goal setting as all the tips were just the same old bullshit that everyone would spit out. This article by Charles Poliquin is really good at showing you how to break down your goal and be specific in what you want to achieve. Enjoy the read.

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