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Posterior Chain Builder

The snatch grip deadlift on a podium is one of my favourite exercises to use when trying to build strength of the posterior chain. It also activates the VMO which helps stabilize the knee, it challenges the grip, and even hits the lats and traps to some extent. It is a great bang for your buck exercise.

The first time one of my athletes does this exercise it is not unusual to see them shaking all over the place especially when prescribed slow tempo work in the early general preparation phases of training. Once athletes have the technique dialled in we overload the exercise further by adding chains or bands.

It is also a good exercise to use if someone wants to add some muscle mass. I find that because you use so many large muscle groups in this exercise it is one of the quickest ways to put on some size.

The biggest limiting factor I find is poor mobility so we often have to start with different types of progressions before we have the athlete get on the podium. Once they can get into a good start position then these are some of the tips that you should look for:

  • Stand on a box (or weight plates if needed) that is about 4-6 inches high

  • Drive with your legs first. Your back angle shouldn’t change until the bar is at mid-shin to knee level

  • The bar should remain in contact with your shins and thighs at all times

  • Elbows are to be locked and elbows pointing in line with the bar. Too often people want to try and bend at the elbow and use the upper body off the floor.

  • Keep a slight arch in the lower back throughout the movement. It is easy to round while on the podium in the bottom third of the movement so stay tight throughout and concentrate on perfecting your technique

  • On the way down be sure to hinge at the hip and not just bend forward at the waste. You should push your butt back first and load up the hamstrings on the eccentric component, maintain that slight arch in the lower back. The bar should remain in contact with the thighs and shins.

  • Keep your chest up

Here is a video of Dmitry Klokov performing the snatch grip deadlift on podium:

The snatch grip deadlift on podium is a great exercise to increase short term speed, increase your vertical jump, increase your conventional deadlift (if that is your goal), and even to pack on some muscle mass. Program it into your workouts and see how it works for you.

If you need some help with technique and need a strength coach in the Campbelltown, Camden or Macarthur area please feel free to come and do a session with me and I will help you out. If you are super keen like one of my athletes from the central coast drop in as well.

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