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Ashley F


Ash started training with us for an up comming holiday to Europe - she wanted to look and feel her best. Straight off the bat we started her on our Bootcamp nutrition plan and body composition training program. Training four days a week and sticking to the plan, Ash soon started to see some big results. 


We asked Ash how she felt about her time with THP:


"The hardest part was staying on track with nutrition, espeicially when everyone around you are eating unhealthy. Trying to get all the meals in with a busy lifestyle was hard too. The hardest thing about training was right at the start of the program, trying to give it 100% while I mentally wanted to gove up.

My favourite thing is how my body felt and seeing the results each week.

I'd definitely recommed the program to others."



Ben C


Ben came to us wanting to put on some muscle mass and finally grow some legs. We started him with our mass gainer nutrition plan and training program right away. He has stuck to the program all the way and is now reaping the results of his hard work and dedication.


We asked Ben what he thought about his progess so far and how he has found our programs:


"The hardest part was to find enjoyable foods and trying to fit all my meals in throughout the day. The easiest part was everything other thaan leg day! Seeing my results ofmy hard work kept me going. 

This has made a huge difference in my llife and my well being - I'd recommed the program to anyone. 

Belinda P


Belinda came to us wanting to lose body fat and increase tone and fitness levels. She's been with us for over a year now, here's what she has to say:


"I have been training with Gemma and have found that my fitness level has increased, and I also feel stronger and more energetic. Gemma has empowered me to create this lifestyle change for myself. She is teaching me a combination of proper nutrition, exercising right and training the brain to think in the right way.

Gemma’s encouragement rather than pressure, makes you feel like you’re exercising because you want to, not because you have to. It’s hard to find a committed personal trainer that motivates you to better yourself in every aspect of your life. She goes that extra mile for her clients to assist in every way to achieve your goals.

Thank you Gemma for pushing me and encouraging me to keep going and reminding me of my goals. Especially on those days when I didn’t feel like putting the most into my training.  

All in all she is a motivational coach – There is never a “I can’t do it” in her language…. And definitely not in yours after you train with her!"

Paul W


Paul came to us after a knee injury over the Christmas period wanting to get back into the gym. He had heard about our rehab programs and wanted to make sure he fix his knee prooperly before starting strength training. 

Since his time with us, paul has completely changed his attitude to life, embracing a healthy and happy lifestyle.

We asked him what he thought of his time with us and here is what he had to say:


"I was weighing in at 142kg, not being able to keep up with my kids, plus my mother had just had completed Open Heart Surgery. This was later realised to be Hereditary. I had poor eating habits and had just dislocated my Knee in a Surf incident.

My first step was to look at my eating habits and to join the gym, which I did. I had then decided to get some motivation through engaging a personal trainer to assist in pushing me through the coming months. Gemma was introduced to me while I had a Knee Injury; she has since then given me Corrective Exercises, a training routine and assistance with Diet, to further develop my fitness. 

I have lost over 15kg, Gemma has been an integral part of this process giving sound advice on all aspects of Fitness and wellbeing.

It’s commonly referred to that you ( the person) are the driving force for Change, this is correct, but in saying this without the Professional Support and varied training Gemma has provided I would not be where I am today. With solid goal setting and great help I am achieving my goals.

Gemma has been a big part of Change for me over the past months, assisting me in injury recovery, great training sessions and a personal understanding of what I require as a person.

My whole life has changed, I have a lot more energy to do activities with my kids, my eating habits have changed and I’m generally enjoying my life more."

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