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It's Hard for Everyone

Training is hard for everyone. It is relative to your level of preparedness.

For example, in rugby league we have front runners and slob’s way at the back of the pack. The blokes at the back of the pack will sook all day when there is a conditioning session planned. When one of the more conditioned guys says “yeah it sucks” and just shrugs it off, the slobs will normally say “well it is ok for you because you are fit”.

They have no clue. The blokes at the front of the pack hurt just as much, if not MORE than they do at the back of the pack. The reason is the players leading the way at the front actually make the set target times, beat them in fact, and strive to beat their own bests day in and day out. This is very painful to do and takes a lot of mental toughness to push hard for every day. The bloke at the back of the pack doesn’t make the set target times and for a lot of them, they just cruise at a comfortable pace they have determined for themselves accepting that they just aren’t fit. They quit. They just do the absolute minimal required and don’t try to improve because they fear getting uncomfortable.

Now, some blokes at the back of the pack do try. These are the guys that end up getting towards the front through a lot of hard work and effort. The thing everyone who was once at the back of the pack (like myself) and works their way to the front realises is that the amount of pain you go through from the days at the back to the front, are no different. The amount of effort remains the same. You just run faster, lift more weight, jump higher, jump further, whatever the task may be, you just do it better, which makes it harder.

There is no end. You have to work hard all the time. Sure, you can get to an average fitness level and just maintain it. That isn’t that hard once you stop trying to improve. But if you are trying to be the absolute best you can be, the pain never really ends. You just get used to it and learn to enjoy the challenge.

So, if you are a slob and you are continuously at the back of the pack. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and get to work. No one wants to hear you cry about it, especially when they see you aren’t giving it a proper crack because you’re too piss ant to get uncomfortable and have a real go. There is nothing more pathetic than the bloke who says he wants to achieve it all but does the minimum to get by. Then sits up the pub for the rest of his life telling stories of what could have been. On the other hand, if you bust yourself, giving a real effort from deep within yourself and don’t quite get there, you will still be respected and you can look at yourself in the mirror knowing you just weren’t good enough. You can have peace of mind. There will be no “what if” or “I could have”.

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