• Nathan Waters

4 Week Speed and Agility Program

One of the most common programs we get asked for would have to be speed and agility.

Truth be told, running through ladders and sidestepping through come drills will only get you so far.

Agility is basically how quickly you can change from eccentric to concentric contraction. To do this effectively you need to be strong. Building strength happens in the gym, not on the field.

That’s not to say that speed and agility training is a waste of time, because it’s not. However, if you were to prioritize training in the gym over training with ladders, you would see a better return on your investment.

If we do opt for a speed and agility program outside of the gym, here is one way you can program for it (click the exercise name for a full description of how to perform the movement):

Movement Prep:

1. Bodyweight Squats x8

2. Cossack Squat 6 E/S

3. Side Shuffle 15m E/W

4. Roll Over into V Sits x8

5. Mountain Climbers x6 E/S

6. Frankensteins 2x10m

7. Knee Hug to Lunge 2x5 E/Leg

8. Broad Jumps 2x6

9. Tuck Jumps 2x6

10. Drop and Go 2x5m

Frequency Drills:

1. Icky Shuffle 2x5m

2. Lateral Through Ladder 2x5m

Speed Training:

1. 4 Point Start (alternate lead leg)

2. 3 Point Start (alternate lead leg) 4x15m

3. Alternate Leg Bound 4x20m

4. 5-10-5m Shuttle 4x20m

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