• Nathan Waters

4 Week Fat Loss Sprint Program

If you’re going to run or do any type of training outside of the gym for body composition, you may as well optimize it as much as you can. Yes, you can just run and run and run and eventually you will see some fat loss, but what if you could spend less time running and still get the same results?

Here is a very basic, yet extremely effective, 4 Week Body Composition Sprint Program we use.

Give it a go and let us know what you think:


Week 1: 40 seconds ON 4 minutes OFF x 6

Week 2: 40 seconds ON 3:35 minutes OFF x 6

Week 3: 40 seconds ON 3:30 OFF x 6

Week 4: 45 seconds ON 3:15 minutes OFF x 7


Sprinting is a balls to the wall, as fast as you possibly can. No jogging or taking it easy, these are maximal efforts.

Record the distance covered for each set of your sprints.

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