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Game Changers?

If you train in our gym, you know my opinion about the game changers documentary and a vegan/vegetarian diet in general. I have been asked about it many times and have explained why I feel the way I do.

Today, I thought I would share some expert’s thoughts on the game changers documentary that shows that everything they are claiming in the documentary may not all be true.

I don’t really care what type of diet a person chooses to eat. It doesn’t change my life. I do care when they make claims that are untrue or try to deceive people into following a particular plan. Hopefully this can get you to think about a few topics more in depth instead of just believing what you hear and taking it at face value.

Think for yourself.

Christian Thibadeau:

I think this article from Thibs is probably the easiest to read and most relatable to most of our audience. I like the way Thibs breaks it down and explains things. Also, he has had great success as an athlete himself and also with many professional athletes over the years, so he can comment on athletic performance as much as he likes in my opinion, and I will take note of what he says.

Chris Kresser:

In this article Chris talks about the vegan diet and athletic performance, whether or not animal proteins are harmful, if veganism is our “natural” diet, and talks about a vegan diet and whether or not if it will save the planet.

He has an insane amount of references and resources linked in this article so you can dig into it as much as you like. It will take you a very long time to get through it all.

You can also watch or listen to Chris explain his thoughts on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

Paul Saladino, MD:

Of course, Paul was against a vegan diet as he is carnivore but it is good to hear what someone on the other end of the spectrum thinks about certain topics within the game changers documentary.

Again, I am just saying to try and think about certain topics for yourself. Sure, we aren’t medical doctors but there are some points where you realise that what was a “certainty” whilst watching the documentary may not be as strong a point as you first thought.

The Vegetarian Myth – Lierre Keith:

This is a book I read last year and really enjoyed. Lierre was a vegan for almost 20 years and she goes into detail on all aspects of a vegan diet, from a nutritional standpoint, a moral one, the impact on the planet, a political look into it, all sorts of stuff. I found it really informative and thought she spoke about both sides to each topic. She didn’t just bash one. She tells us what she thought about the topic at first and how she got caught up believing certain “truths” and what she has now came to realize.

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