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NSWCCC School Boys Team

NSWCCC School boys Trist Ball THP Total health Performance Camden Ingleburn Campbelltown

Massive congratulations to Trist on making the NSW CCC School Boys Team.

Trist is progressing very well with his rugby league and his hard work is paying off. Speaking with him in October last year we spoke of a few goals and he has achieved everyone of them so far. He has a clear view of what he wants and is doing the work to get there which is the most important part. At 14 years of age, he is doing much more than many blokes who are already playing in Jersey Flegg and higher grades. He has his training, nutrition, and supplementation individualised, he has rehab/prehab programs, basically everything he needs to be the best he can be. Combine that with hard work, a good attitude, and great family support and that is why he is achieving his goals.

NSWCCC School Boys Riley Williams THP Total Health performance Rugby league Camden Ingleburn Narellan

I want to also give a mention to Riley Williams who played with Trist in the Southern Country team who ended up winning this competition on the day. Riley scored two tries in the final but unfortunately didn't make the NSW CCC team. The good news is that he did make the NSW CCC county development side, so he did get a reward for his efforts. It is only early days in his training and his career and I know he will progress really well throughout the rest of this year heading into next years Harold Matthews season.

Marcus Moore and Ben Quinlan also played at the state trials in the opens for the MCS team. they boys didn't make the NSWCCC team but I know they competed hard and done all they could.

It'll back to work as hard as possible next week for all the boys. Its great to see the boys doing well but the hard work doesn't stop. There are bigger things to achieve.

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