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Bruno Alves Abu Dhabi World Champion Blitz Magazine Article

THP Athlete Bruno Alves Jiu Jitsu World Champ

It is great to see Bruno Alves get some exposure for his win at the Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship earlier this year. Not only did Bruno win gold at the event, he also coached his cousin and fellow THP athlete Igor Almeida to bronze and two of his other students to gold as well. His success at this event also gave us our first world champion, something that I have been studying so hard for, and working so hard for since my career as an athlete was ended. I cannot thank this great man enough for all his hard work and how much faith he puts in our programs and plans for such important competitions. See the write up in Blitz mag here.

Preparation for Abu Dhabi went extremely well and I was so happy for the boys to see all their hard work and dedication pay off. (You can read more about it here). Their whole life revolves around Jiu Jitsu and leading into this comp they sacrificed a lot to get in peak physical condition. What many people don't understand is that Bruno doesn't have many other black belts here in Australia to train with in preparation for these big tournaments, he trains with his students, and he still coaches a lot of the classes at his gym, for me this makes his wins this year even more impressive. It also shows how important his students like Igor Almeida and Aaron Smith are to his personal success and the success of their gym. The have a great team and I would recommend anyone wanting to start or improve their Jiu Jitsu go and see them at Sydney Jiu Jitsu Academy .

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