Bryce came into training last week with a sore quad and it was his squat based day. In his warm ups he was feeling a lot of pain and didn't really want to train and I didn't want him to further injure himself. The below video is of him front squatting 80kg x 3 reps wit...

Tom Chanter front squatting 77.5 kg x 3 reps with heels elevated.

Some really good progress from all the boys during this last phase of training. Tom was able to increase his front squat 7.5 kg during the course of the cycle whilst maintaining some pretty solid techniqu...

The above video is of Alfie Tropea front squatting 107.5 kg for 3 reps. Alfie shows some pretty solid form here and decent strength levels for a 17 year old who has only been lifting properly for the past year. 

The thing that impresses me is that he was told he would n...

The above video is of Hans front squatting 122.5kg for 3 reps with heels elevated. Now it is a pretty strong lift but the impressive thing for me is that he can now squat pain free. When Hans started with us he had back pain that would restrict him from training hard i...

December 26, 2016

 I had to share another video of the boys training. This one is of Alfie performing a front squat with a 3 second pause on both the eccentric and concentric, for 4 reps. 

They have all come a long way since we began. 

Keep up the hard work.

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