Andrew Thornton benching 72.5 kg for 6 reps.

Good effort after having torn his pec last year, getting surgery, and being told not to lift again.

It is a good example that with proper programming and executing lifts better you can come back and not only match, but surp...

At the beginning of every off season or start to a junior development program you will see many tests being performed. Some are for strength or power in the gym, others are to asses "fitness" levels on the field. I have a few problems with this for a couple of reasons.


These day, people want things immediately and skip important steps that would set them up for future success. I see this when it comes to general preparation work in the gym. Most people want to squat, deadlift, bench, and clean big numbers so they jump straight into t...

December 26, 2015


One of the most common complaints among athletes and the general population would have to be lower back pain. Many factors contribute to increased rates of lower back pain including prolonged sitting, standing, frequent bending and twisting, and inflammatory foods to...

The Need for Structural Balance

The concept of structural balance has been around for many years although it is underutilised in modern program design. Russian and Eastern European countries used this system to classify athletes and to better prepare them for competitio...

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