More Isn’t Better

Doing more isn’t always the answer. We have a tendency to think doing more is the best way to progress at anything we are doing. This is true up to a point but there is always a point of diminishing returns.

“Training is efficient if the highest sports...

With rugby league pre-season about a month away I start to hear a lot of talk about what things they will be focusing on at training. A lot of it is about how hard the training will be, mostly in terms of conditioning. This is the wrong focus in my opinion.


Congratulations to Cameron Lawrence, Jay Kirk, and Ryan Evans and their Camden Rams teammates on winning the Under 18s group 6 grand final yesterday.

The boys played really well, beating the Narellan Jets 36-12. 

Cam started off the day with the first try and had plenty...

Periodization is a term we use in strength and conditioning which is basically the planning of training using different phases at specific times throughout the year. In rugby league you will just hear terms such as off-season, pre-season, and competitive season. People...

Player development is about improving the athlete’s skills/technique, their physical qualities such as their strength, power, speed, agility, endurance, and flexibility. The end goal is for the gains in these qualities to carry over to increased sports performance, run...

We want to say a massive congratulations to Aaliyah Boland and her Camden Rams teammates on winning their under 14's league tag grand final yesterday. 

Aaliyah scored a couple of tries in the grand final and every touch she had in the game looked threatening. This was a...

Seeing people changing their life for the better is one of the best things about what we do. This is a re-post from Andrew Thornton, Caleb's Dad, about his son's transformation over the past year. 

"So proud of how far Caleb has come in just under a year. In the first p...

The above video is of Cameron Lawrence bench pressing 80kg for 5 reps. 

This is a great improvement from when Cam first started with us. When he started in mid November he could barely bench 50kg for 4 reps. Now he can hit multiple sets at 80kg for 5 reps. That is prett...

I often see and hear young kids talking about how they have a player manager or how one of their teammates has one. They speak like they are on their way to the NRL now because of signing with someone. It is understandable. They are young and just excited but you have...

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