Last week we had some of the boys come in and do a mass gain camp during the school holidays. The biggest takeaway from the whole thing for me (and now I think the boys too) is that it doesn't matter how hard you train, to gain mass, you have to eat all of your meals a...

This photo is of Charles Poliquin and myself after the 2013 hypertrophy bootcamp he held in Sydney in 2013. At the beginning of this class Charles told us all that whoever he thought was the best trainer of the 5 days would win an internship with him. I was already kee...

"Bodybuilding is about training muscles, not lifting weights". I think this was said by Arnold. It is a concept that is very misunderstood when you look at the way the average gym goer trains. I don't spend all that often in public gyms but when I do I always walk away...

Many people often ask us what supplements they should take to make gains from their training. They are very shocked and look at us weird when we don't recommend the latest pre-workout or some hyped up supplement that is really just creatine or BCAA's. In fact, I don't...

November 21, 2016

Over the past weekend I had the pleasure of attending a seminar hosted by Christian Thibaudeau on the topic of hypertrophy. I have been following Christian’s work for many years now, probably since about 2009/2010 and have his books, so I wasn’t going to miss the oppor...

February 15, 2016

Strength training is seen as a dangerous activity for kids to participate in by many parents. Their concerns are warranted as they only want what’s best for their kids. The problem is their concerns are based on many myths and misconceptions that they have heard throug...

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